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Andrew Peters

Patricia King is one of my heroes. She is constantly challenging, encouraging me and always gives the BEST advice.… https://t.co/8etA4s7zER 0 0
I know, right?😂 https://t.co/OshE057tmS 0 0
Love these leaders/women so much. They poured their hearts out to our next-gen prophets.❤️ #MyHeroes… https://t.co/G5kTMEl9np 0 6
Our 2018 International Young Prophets.🌎🙌🏽 https://t.co/WqmwnUECQw 0 5
So EXCITED to have Becca Greenwood (@Rebeccamgreen)this week with us. Also, in Dallas @lasondraspears @viemaemmanuel. http://t.co/jt15BM1xts 3 1
Also, in Dallas ONLY we’ll be having a LEGACY Panel with Missy Lindsay and Ruthie Daughtery-Sanders. #Leaders #Legacy http://t.co/5kHS6Au3sd 1 1
We are so excited to have Argentine Revivalist Sergio Scataglini with us in Dallas, TX tomorrow night and Beaumont, TX on Saturday night. 2 1
“@PastorAndrewATL: Looking forward to working on an update for the @ElishaCompany website over the next few days!”///EXCITED Andrew!!!! 1 0
What a GREAT weekend we had with @StaceyCampbellC. Loving on leaders this weekend was beautiful. Will have a BLOG about this weekend soon! 1 1