Young Prophets Roundtable – Feedback

  It’s a very rare thing to find family you never knew you had but had always prayed you would be fortunate enough to find. That’s all I could think when meeting all the amazing participants of the Young Prophets Round Table. These were men and women that while different in their anointing and unique in their impact resonated with … Read More

Elizabeth’s Ordination – Words from Ministry Friends

Friends of the Ministry (Elizabeth’s Ordination with Prophet Sharon Stone(Nov.21, 2015)   Patricia King Apostolic Leader of Patricia King Ministries, Women in Ministry Network Maricopa, Arizona Congratulations Elizabeth on this special day of public and official ordination. God has already ordained you as His own servant. You are first His precious daughter in whom He is well pleased. He delights in you. … Read More

The Importance of Generational Praying

By: Germaine Copeland As I was writing a birthday tribute to great-grandson Nathan, a memory from my childhood emerged. I saw my Granny Griffin, who left us a legacy of prayer and faith in God, at her kitchen table. It was on her farm that three times each day family and visitors would sit down at the table loaded with … Read More

5 Keys to Turning the Hearts of the Fathers to the Children

By: Darrian Summerville When I was asked to write this entry on “fathering”, I instantly began to consider all of the individuals God had used to shape and pour into my life during my journey from being a babe in Christ, to a young man, and now a spiritual father. After some pondering, I came to realize that these individuals … Read More

The Value of Spiritual Fathers and Mothers

By: Matt Sorger ( The Value of Spiritual Fathers and Mothers One of the things I have valued most in my life is the role of spiritual fathers and mothers. I will never forget the day I sat down with Lou Engle, the father of The Call Movement, and shared my heart and vision with him. I was a young … Read More

Running with Our Fathers

By: Jeremiah Ingrassia (Lou Engle’s Assistant) The Lord is weaving together a beautiful tapestry. It is multigenerational, multicultural, and carried on by those who are burning with the inward flame of the love of Jesus. There are truly modern day Daniels, Josephs, Esthers, revivalists, prophets, teachers, apostles, and authentic friends of God truly being woven together all over the Earth. I want … Read More

McChurch: Are we MANAGING or FATHERING the Next-Gen Leaders?

By: Pastor Stephen Samuel As I was sitting in the employee lounge of my small-town, local fast food restaurant I was thumbing through the three-inch binder of standard operating procedures and I thought to myself, “Do I really want to do this?” I was fresh out of high school, enrolled in a community college, and employed as a part-time youth … Read More

Dad-less, but not Father-less

By: Pastor Jan Anderson (Prayer Pastor-Victory Worship Center, Tucson, AZ) So privileged to have one of my spiritual moms to write this month’s BLOG.  Here is a little background: Jan Anderson and her husband Zane pastor Victory Worship Center in Tucson, AZ. She is the Prayer Pastor and a dynamic speaker. She is one of the kindness, beautiful inside and … Read More

Mantles Matter

In the American culture, we view independence as an accomplishment. But when you get into the Kingdom of God, God is BIG on learning dependency.  Dependence on Him and on the Body of Christ.  How can we say, “We have no need of you?” (1 Corinthians 12:21) When I was growing up I would tell my mom, “Mom, you can … Read More

The Life of Elisha: Tests and Double Mantles

Written By: Barbie L. Breathitt Ph.D.
Breath of the Spirit Ministries
 ( Tests and a Double Mantle After Elijah trained his servant Elisha to look and see, listen and hear, and prophesy the word of the Lord, it was time for him to return to Heaven. The heavenly chariot of God carried Elijah away from Elisha into the spiritual expanse of Heaven’s … Read More