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It’s a very rare thing to find family you never knew you had but had always prayed you would be fortunate enough to find. That’s all I could think when meeting all the amazing participants of the Young Prophets Round Table. These were men and women that while different in their anointing and unique in their impact resonated with the same frequency of Heaven as I did. To see the passion and the hearts of humility on each one was an inspiration to me and a encouragement for me to move forward in my own walk as well.

Another thing that really blew me away was the oneness of spirit and common vision during the entire thing. It’s so refreshing to be in a gathering void of individual agendas and a desire for position; where there was just a desire to work together and to build together. I feel this is a real testament to the Godly character in each one that participated. I also cannot say enough about the mothers and fathers that invested their time, their hospitality, and also their vast wisdom and experience to allow us to reach our fullest potential. And for Elizabeth, I am so thankful for someone that has dedicated her life to raising up the Elisha generation not just in word but also in action. I really look forward to round table next year and all that it will accomplish.

David Fang

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


This Young Prophets Roundtable was one of the first meetings that I have attended where I immediately felt like I was with true family. These meetings had a strong feeling of community among all who attended, no matter the age. My heart was stirred so much to see that each young person had a place at the table and a voice that added to the overall purpose of the meetings. The Elisha Company definitely has the heart to bring the generations together and also has the actions that demonstrate this heart of unity. I’m tremendously grateful that Prophet Sharon Stone was able to bring such wisdom and revelation to our group! I definitely will continue to connect as much as possible with The Elisha Company and The Young Prophets Roundtable.

Paul Lackie

Frontline International

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


It was such a blessing and a privilege to be at this Young Prophets Roundtable with such a high caliber and diverse group of people…who were also so humble. The first night it was especially nice to be in an intimate setting so that we could get to know one another. This foundation was important and helped to facilitate relationship and build trust. I also enjoyed hearing Sharon share her story. Her taking the time to minister to each one of us personally was especially meaningful and impacting. It was incredible to see how each person was touched and to observe the accuracy of each word that was given.

At the roundtable the next day, the room we were hosted in had an intimate feel that continued to foster relationship and openness. Everyone flowed so well together, and we felt comfortable to share what was on our hearts. What an amazing atmosphere! All of us were engaged and interacting with what each person was saying at the table.

Worship was also a key component of the roundtable. I absolutely loved that part of the experience. Last, but not least, the icing on the cake was the final dinner. It was a blessing to be able to spend time with Dr. Sharon and her husband Greg, as well as all the other participants in the roundtable. Yet again, we were hosted in a personal setting that helped us to continue to build the relationships that had begun during the roundtable. I especially enjoyed the entertainment provided, which I will leave unsaid. My favorite things to do are to laugh and to make people laugh…That is what opens my heart to people. I enjoyed every aspect of this event and felt honored to be a part of it.

 Missy Lindsay

Christ for the Nations

Dallas, Texas


I wanted to thank you once again for putting together the roundtable. I believe it was just a small seed of what I believe God will do in the coming years as we continue to gather together. I believe in the coming years these roundtables will be marked with a sense of covenant, partnership and excitement as we gather together as one. I also believe the desire of the Lord for us not only hear what God is saying but declare and implement strategies during our time together.

As I listened to the others in the room share, I received confirmation of some things that were taking place in me personally. I was challenged in places I needed to make adjustment, and I left with a deeper desire to know God and continue to serve Him wholeheartedly. After I left the gathering I was also overjoyed that the Holy Spirit brought us together and the beauty of what is taking place in the earth in the time we live.

Abner Suarez

For Such a Time As This Ministries

Dunn, North Carolina


The Young Prophets Roundtable, convened by Elizabeth Tiam-Fook, was undeniably conceived in the heart of Father. It provided a setting for emerging prophetic voices to converge for two days outside of Washington, DC.

Personally, the overall impact indelibly marked me.

I was deeply touched by the ministry of Dr. Sharon Stone. Upon arrival, she assisted me selflessly due to my visual challenges, which felt as if Jesus himself was washing my feet. Her exhortations were insightful—and her prophetic word over my life was encouraging and confirming. Gems were joyfully received through the teachings of Jennifer LeClaire on issues seldomly addressed within the prophetic movement. Personally, I loved hearing the heart of each attendee as they shared their prophetic words concerning what the Lord was saying in 2017. One of the ongoing blessings of the roundtable has been the connections made that have continued to flourish; in the grand scheme of things, this will probably leave the deepest imprint upon my life.

I wholeheartedly recommend for all young prophets interested to attend the International Young Prophets Roundtable in 2018—I’ve already reserved my spot!

Brian Hume


Brian Francis Hume Ministries

Haymarket, Virginia


As a youth and young adults pastor, I’m always excited when a minister or ministry intentionally focuses their efforts on the next generation. Elizabeth Tiam-Fook and The Elisha Company team along with Dr. Sharon Stone and Prophet Jennifer LeClaire were the ministers and the ministry that lit my personal life and ministry on fire at the first annual Young Prophets Roundtable!

During our time together, as a group of young prophetic voices, we received wisdom from seasoned prophetic voices, significant impartation and given the opportunity to share what the Lord was speaking to our hearts for this year.

Scripture tells us that prophecy edifies (build up) exhorts (encourage) and brings comfort. I can honestly say that while I was in the midst of this company of next generation prophets these three things just mentioned continually happen to me throughout the meeting.

The best part of the meeting wasn’t the words that were spoken, but the relationships that were built through the vision that Elizabeth and her team have. It is my hope that every young prophet would have an opportunity to connect to a group like this because you need it. I know I did.

Justin Louis Murrell

Youth & Young Adults Pastor
Covenant Church

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The young prophets roundtable was an incredible experience. I believe that we need more prophetic and apostolic mommas and papas in the faith to edify us young eagles. I believe that in intimate gatherings such as the young prophets roundtable great healing, restoration, stretching, and edifying can take place. Which I believe will result in a purity being restored within the up and coming generation of emerging prophetic voices. I look forward to the long lasting healthy relationships and divine connections that have been established during this awesome young gathering of eagles.

Alex White

Generation Glory Ministries

Wilmington, Delaware


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