Running with Our Fathers

By: Jeremiah Ingrassia (Lou Engle’s Assistant)

The Lord is weaving together a beautiful tapestry.

It is multigenerational, multicultural, and carried on by those who are burning with the inward flame of the love of Jesus. There are truly modern day Daniels, Josephs, Esthers, revivalists, prophets, teachers, apostles, and authentic friends of God truly being woven together all over the Earth.

I want to share a little bit of my journey. For the last three years I have had the privilege and honor to run with my spiritual father, Lou Engle throughout the nations.

In February of 2012, I received a phone call from Lou to help him with a daunting task. I did not realize at the time, but this was the opening into which my dreams were to begin their fulfillment.

In 2007, I had a series of dreams regarding Lou who I had only heard preach one time. In the dreams I always played the role of his assistant. Later, I was able to share them with a few leaders at a prophetic class that I was taking at the time. While re-telling the dream I could almost hear them thinking, “What a cute dream.”  One leader even shared with me, “That’s great Jeremiah. You’re learning to hear God’s voice. Now be careful because interpretation is key. I would suggest to you that this dream is only symbolic, rather than literal.” I remember standing there feeling confused.  I decided to tuck it away in my heart and for five years I pondered the purpose of these dreams and for five years those dreams burned within me. I wanted to share them; but the rejection I felt and accusation in my own mind kept me silent.

Through the last years, I have had the opportunity to serve a General of the Faith. The dreams God put in my heart came true and are still coming true. Fathers and mothers, thank you for pioneering and going before us. We love you and want to create legacy with you.

During this time, I have learned that legacy is intentional. Also, I have seen some of the problems and hindrances that can stop unity between the older generation and mine.

One of my desires is that I want God to help us solve them so we can “run” wholeheartedly together.

I think God allows weaknesses so we need each other and really learn to work as a “family”.

A few observations that I have concerning my generation and what is not working at this time:

  • Cordial Hypocrisy – This is a strong tendency, because of loyalty or fear, to pretend that there is trust where there is none. Politeness doesn’t heal areas of brokeness. Neither is privately indulging in cynicism. This cordial hypocrisy can sometimes look like making excuses to prevent you from speaking with someone with whom you have an offense with.
  • Self Betrayal – This is lying to one’s self because we are not willing to risk our reputation with honesty. Rather than speaking the truth we are silent.
  • Loyalty – When the going gets tough the tendency is to give up rather than press forward and through. We must not look at the tension and the pressure as a threat. Instead, look at the present moment as provision from the Lord to help sharpen us and strengthen our character.

As the younger generation we are now reaping what we have sown. I sense that even though we want the support and the covering of the older generation, we are willing to forego their blessing, guidance, and wisdom. David as a King had wise counselors in his courts.  They were the spiritual governing body that helped David walk uprightly and hear the voice of the Lord. Seeking counsel is a form of humility. God gives grace to those who humble themselves.

As I have traveled with Lou throughout the nations I have met small bands of brothers and sisters who are burning with passion for Jesus.  Some of them have been young and old revivalists and lovers of God who have not left their post as watchmen on the wall. Ones who have remained steadfast in the midst of trials, challenges, and testings in the furnace of affliction. I charge you with one thing, be strong and courageous! Test the leader that you are within and know what you are made for. “Creation waits in eager expectation for the manifestation of sons and daughters to be revealed.” – Romans 8:19

The world is waiting for you to take your place.

What would be possible if we really lived out the second commandment to love your neighbor as yourself, and if we lived out Ephesians 4– The unity and maturity of the Body of Christ.  Ephesians 4:15”… speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of Him who is the head, that is Christ.”

I challenge us to walk in the love of Christ and to begin seeing the idols, chains and strongholds begin to fall to the ground. We will be attractive to the world and they would see the light living within us as a family.  We would be multicultural, multigenerational, and we can run together in our homes, our neighborhoods, our cities, and into the nations for the cause of Christ passing the baton from generation to generation.

A new era of leaders are rising all over the earth. Brave and courageous sons and daughters of God who look just like their Father (God). May the Love of God abound among us as we look forward to the dawning of a new day and intentionally locking arms with each other, young and old.

May our flame never go out in the days ahead as we burn as lighthouses to this generation. We are standing on the shoulders of those that have paid the price before us.

 JOHN  13:35 :



Jeremiah Ingrassia is an Intercessory Missionary serving TheCall Ministries and the Pasadena International House of Prayer (PIHOP). For the last 3 years he has served Lou Engle as his personal and travel assistant. he assists him with his travel, scheduling, speaking engagements and the execution and implementation of all his directives and initiatives. 

In his years serving alongside Lou, Jeremiah has ministered in twelve nations. Prior to serving gin Pasadena, he was on staff with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO.

Jeremiah is a creative, strategic thinker and dreamer. He enjoys identifying challenges, coaching, and creating solutions to help others in ministry go to the next level. It’s his passion that laborers in ministry all over the globe would would first know and experience their royal identity as sons and daughters of God, and from that place, make Jesus’ name famous throughout the earth.


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