What You Honor is What You Receive From

A close ministry friend of mine called me this evening and as we were talking about what is going on in each others lives, our conversation got stuck on talking about HONOR.
Since one of the things I feel called to do is “merge the generations” to work together to establish the Kingdom of God. I purpose myself to always dialogue with people multi-generationally.
I was sharing with my friend how when I was in a conference how I heard the question ask by a young lady to an older lady, “What does honor look like to you?”
Now you have to understand that I have dialogued A LOT with people on honor and I have never heard that question asked. So of course I wanted to know the answer and in that moment God started to expand my view on honor.
At the end of that dialoging time between the generations they spoke a “blessing” over each other. I was later told by the host that the act of blessing broke the conference open. To be honest, I don’t know spiritually all that happened during that time, but there were many tears shed that day.
After that conference, there is no one that can convince me that there is not hurts that the enemy has put between the generations. Reconciliation and repentance has to occur for the “mantles” to be passed right. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some wonderful leaders that have done it right and raised up someone next to them to take their place.
But my focus at this time is to teach and bring to light the other side.
I want to share the view from my seat.
I love people of all nations, tongues and ages. I really respect all that people have been through and honor them. But what I hear in conversations is how each generation views the other. This is a conclusion that I have come to: There are some basics things on honoring each other, but I think the “look” of honor is different in every generation.
For instance, “honor” to me, and I will say to most people in my age bracket that I personally know, is that you “listen and understand when I am sharing and what I am saying”. If you cut me down or cut me off that is “dishonor” to me. You are saying that what I am saying as a person is not valid and therefore you do not receive me as a person. I want to say that if I feel someone is being dishonorable to me it is very hard for me to receive from them. Now I know the statement, “You honor because you are honorable, not because that person deserves it”. I am on a journey where I purpose to go past my feelings and honor people that are dishonorable to me no matter how they treat me and with the help of the Holy Spirit I have passed many tests.
Now to my parents generation, honor will mean something totally different. For example, honor to them could be me not just saying words, but me carrying out the actions that they have asked of me.
Let me say this, no one generation is more “right” than the other, we are just different and when you can love and honor the difference you will see much “fruit” in those relationships.
My job is to learn and dialogue what is “honoring” to each generation and working my best to make them feel honored, as they would me. When this happens, hearts are opened to receive from each other and “what you honor you will receive from”.
“Elijah’s LEGACY is found in Elisha, and Elisha’s DESTINY is found in Elijah.”
PRAYER: Lord, please help us to be more understanding to each other and to love each others differences. We need each other to establish Your Kingdom.

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