What LEGACY are you leaving behind?

1. Personal Legacy:  Personal legacy is a choice we make everyday. We choose to get up, spend time with Jesus Christ and walk in the Fruit of the Spirit.  Our daily walk turns into our weekly walk, which turns into our monthly walk, etc.  Consistency, discipline and obedience to God will start you into creating a Godly legacy or heritage for you as an individual.
2. Family Legacy:  As with personal legacy, it starts with you and then on to your family. You choose as a family, “As for me and my household we will serve the Lord.”  Morning and/or evening devotions as a family will create a “center stage” for Jesus Christ to not just be Lord over you, but your household.
As a family you will pray and ask the Lord to be the Lord of your home and that all that goes on in your home will honor Him.
The dad is the “head” in the family and the mom is the “heart” of the family.  Each part is needed to create the family legacy.
I like the saying that says, “ A family that prays together, stays together.”
3. “Mountain” Legacy:  Mountain legacy is your everyday job. Whatever God has called you to, whether it is owning your own business, being the mayor of your city, superintendent of your school district, being a mother to your 2 kids or being a pastor you do it UNTO Him.
You have the chance everyday to influence those that are around you in a work environment.  Your lifestyle will either drive them to Christ or away from Him.  Your integrity, character and hard work is the “Bible” they will read everyday.
Becoming the BEST at what you do and asking the Lord to open doors gives Him “glory” as others see your excellence in that arena.  I personally want to be the best at what I do, when others look at me, I want them to say that she is a “GREAT” example of excellence and she always honors the Lord in what she does.  Though, I am still working on this, I am definitely a “work in progress”.
4. Church Legacy:  Every church has a church legacy.  The pastor is the visionary of the church.  He will implement the vision that God has given him for that area in that city.  A local body is “like” a body. Each person in the church has a role to help the body function and flow.  In the Book of Revelation, churches individually were addressed. So we see in the 7 churches that they were either creating legacy that honored the Lord or that which dishonored Him.  There were blessings for those churches that honored Him and sharp rebukes for those that did not honor Him.
Each believer in a local body should ask the Lord, “Lord, what is my role in this church? What is my family’s role?  You have called me and/or my family here and I want to do my part and honor You.  I want to be a world changer by changing my world around me. 
Closing Word:  How and what kind of legacy you leave behind is up to you.  You WILL leave a legacy, it is your choice WHAT kind of legacy you want to leave.
Elizabeth Devo:  Elisha’s DESTINY was in Elijah, but Elijah’s LEGACY was in Elisha.

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