Revival or BUST!

Waking up this morning thinking about revival.  I am so tired of church as usual. I can walk in a church service and know exactly how it will go.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the local body of believers, as I am part of one.  But I am remembering the day when I did not know what God was going to do that particular Sunday morning church service.  He may come with healing, deliverance, or He may just come to love on His children.  I am at a place of spiritual discontent.  Revival has to start in me first. I want to be a person of the supernatural, not flaky, but operating in the genuine power of the Holy Spirit.  The Lord has allowed me to see so much since I have been a christian.  I don’t want to be so analytical that I reason God right out of a church service to proceed with my agenda. 
I grew up in the Brownsville Revival and experience revival firsthand.  I fell in love with Jesus Christ.  What I do everyday is because I love Him.  Real revival will always create a greater passion in the hearts of the believers for Christ.  To increase my hunger even more, I heard about the revival in Argentina, so I went down to Buenos Aires and spent some time with one of the pastors on staff at Rey de Reyes.  He told me about how the Argentine revival started in their local body and how many were renewed, refreshed and saved.   As he was telling me stories, you could still see the hunger for revival on his face after all those years.
Books after books I have read about revival, and I usually end up putting the book down and weeping.  I long for the day that the supernatural will enter our american churches again.  Sinners and saints need to hear the voice of God again.   
My heart is burning to see a move of God!  I want the Lord to purify every part of my life so He can use me powerfully.
Dreaming with God is dangerous!
P.S…..I know that there are many that wants Christ to return now, but I am not one of them. There are so many souls lost all over the world.  I am dreaming of a day of hearing on my TV that there is a move of God in the middle east.  My dream of a children revival in Afghanistan and conversions that will rock the hierarchy in the Arab world.  I need to see global revival before Jesus comes back.   If my soul had an imprint on it today, it would read:  REVIVAL or BUST!

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