Back to the Basics – Fiery Christianity

For some days now I have been going over in my heart the condition of the american church in the age group of 18-39.  We have many youth movements rising up and one thing that we are seeing over and over is a “lack of holiness”; of course, this is some, not everyone.  If we have young leaders under us we need to always gauge their “holiness” level.  We are overseers over their souls and will stand before God for their spiritual growth or lack of growth.  I believe in these leaders and the mission of their movements.  But please let us not forget the foundation of our lives and of each movement, which is the Cross of Jesus Christ.  The Blood represents, the “sanctifying work of Jesus Christ” and the Cross represents the “redemptive work of Jesus Christ.”
I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and I see daily the condition of the church from those I interact with weekly, even monthly.  We have this “form of godliness, yet, we deny the Power” to change our lives.” (2 Timothy 3)
We call evil good and good evil. We entertain ourselves with the “vomit” that satan has put in the minds of the ungodly to produce films, that in turn pollute our souls (I do believe that God is looking for those that will produce films for the Glory of God). Yet, week after week we go rent/buy these movies. Our television is a “gateway” into our homes.  Then off to church on Sunday we go, as we raise our hands weekly in church services, and tell Him who suffered an excruciating death for the redemption of our souls, “Oh, Jesus how I love you.”  How is it we raise our hands, with “stained-spotted robes”.  Have we lost the “fear of the Lord”?  Have we grieved the Holy Spirit so long that we don’t even know if He is in our midst. 
When I was 20 years old I gave my heart to Jesus Christ.  A couple of weeks after giving my heart to Jesus, I did not feel the nearness of Christ as I did before. So I went to visit my pastor and he sat me down in his office and talked to me about “grieving the Holy Spirit” and if I had things in my life that separated me from God that I could have “grieved the Holy Spirit”.  I have NEVER forgotten that conversation with him.  For years now, I have pursued a personal, daily walk with the Holy Spirit. 
I have a deep burden in my heart to warn those that are mixing the profane and the good.  We see a deep increase of those that try to make Christianity a “cool” religion.  We have those that have polluted the minds of others with mixing eastern religion in with our biblical beliefs, for example yoga, karate, etc. And let me not even start on the “tattooing” trend.
Our sugar coated messages that gives the listener the sweetness of some false gospel, instead of the transforming work of Jesus Christ.  Last week I called a wonderful lady that I have been friends with for 13 years, a powerful saint of God and I shared with her my burden and she told me that the Lord spoke to her and told her to tell me, concerning the condition of the american church, “ If salt loses it savor, what good is it.”  (Mark 5:13) YIKES, how POWERFUL is that statement!
We need minsters of the Gospel teaching about the abominations that are invading the christian culture.  People with good intentions that are polluting the Body of Christ and allowing the stains of the world to get on the “dress” of the Bride of Christ that is being prepared for the Bridegroom’s return. 
Some have chosen leaders in the Body of Christ that have not been proven over time and we “pick” them to lead because they have the charisma to draw people, or to accomplish the task needed.  As I read the Book of Acts, it seems that when the apostles would go to choose a leader, they would pray and ask the Lord for direction on choosing a leader.  We sometimes choose leaders that have not been “tested” and “approved” by God.
This is not the message of the Cross, it is the cool, american christianity.  I wonder how many churches when picking leaders ask them about their salvation experience, not “Have you grown up in church and know the ways of the church.” Even to ask them the question, “what is God saying to you?”  We ask them, “Do you play golf?”  I am not against sports, as I am a basketball fan, but I am against putting the temperal things over the eternal things. 
My heart grieves because where much is given, much is required! 
Lord, start with me, if there is anything that is hindering the flow of God in my life remove it from me.  Cleanse my heart from anything that does not represents the Kingdom of God.  Any impurities, that keep me from your Presence. Stay close to me Jesus, or should I say I will stay close to you through living a “holy” life!

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